Banking and Finance

Łuć & Wojtylak Legal Office provides comprehensive services regarding handling financial processes in the scope of credits, issuance of bonds or loans.

We provide our counsel in the performance of projects aimed at funding of enterprises, processes connected with the acquisition of shares, including mezzanine funds, or leveraged buyouts. We represent both the party providing funding as well as the party which receives it.

Also, we offer professional and comprehensive counsel in restructuring of debt. We represent creditors, debtors, economic entities under restructuring, and potential buyers of assets. We provide legal services in projects connected with the acquisition or sale of receivables or packages of receivables and their collaterals.

Łuć & Wojtylak Legal Office offers assistance to its Customers in:

  • structuring funding processes and restructuring debt,
  • presenting limits in obtaining funding and creating collaterals based on held documentation,
  • negotiations and support in preparing documentation concerning the granting of funding,
  • issuing an appropriate legal opinion in the scope of confirming the justifiability of funding and collateral documents to the entities which provide the funding,
  • analysis and confirming that conditions for the funding have been met,
  • negotiating and preparing documentation connected with the acquisition or sale of receivables,
  • representation for the sake of registering collaterals or transferring them onto another entity,
  • negotiating and preparing documentation for the settlement of transaction as well as agreements of escrow accounts and trust accounts.

Legal services in banking and finance provided by Łuć & Wojtylak Legal Office are carried out by renowned associates with years of experience in this area of law.