Company Law and Commercial Law

Corporate counsel is one of the major areas of operation of Łuć & Wspólnicy Legal Office. With our interdisciplinary team of experienced lawyers, expert auditors and financiers, we provide day-to-day legal service to companies.

We co-operate with our Clients in searching for best solutions for their businesses. Thus, all aspects of the company’s operations are supervised and performed by a dedicated team of specialists.

As part of co-operation with the Client, we prepare and supervise the process of negotiations during the acquisition, take-over or sale of companies. We represent the Client before external bodies, such as common and arbitration courts, the Office for Protection of Competition and Consumers, and other public bodies and private entities.

The optimization of the functioning of our Clients’ businesses is of key significance to us, and whether it is performed well depends also on actions in the area of reorganization and restructuring. Only an efficiently organized entity can effortlessly function in the legal environment on a daily basis, with its resources being used in the most effective way.

We advise in the scope of changes in the structure of enterprises. We have a lot of experience, which allows us to run the process of changes causing the lowest possible loss to the efficiency of an enterprise during restructuring and resulting in highest possible advantage to its future functioning. We concentrate on all areas of operation of a company — from the issue or repayment of debts and liabilities through staff matters to mergers and divisions of companies or their part.